Best 12 Swimsuit Trends for Spring/Summer 2019

Best 12 Swimsuit Trends for Spring/Summer 2019

Fetchshe Spring/Summer Swimsuit Trends 2019

Which style of swimwear will on your list and update your summer wardrobe, you will find the right answer in the spring-summer swimsuit trends 2019. Miami Swim Week has showcased all the upcoming trends of 2019 with a versatile display of cuts and prints, having something for everyone. Many swimsuit designers believe that 2019 will come with various patterns, decorations, colors and types. You can already find many of these trends in Fetchshe.


Most swimwear, using decorations and patterns are designed to make women look sexy and slim. Depending on preferences women love to wear pop bikinis. While choosing bikinis, consider style and comfort first. It's great not to worry about losing a top or bottom body surfing!

Fetchshe Bikinis 2019 | Joymode®

The sexy bikini swimsuits for women are splendidly revived on fashion podiums. So it's time to go to the gym and bring the silhouette in shape.

One Piece Swimsuit

A one-piece swimsuit is one of the most ubiquitous styles this summer. Although one-piece swimsuits are in trend already, they’re believed to still be in trend in 2019. The one-piece swimsuit appears in every single runway during Miami Swim Week for this summer.

Fetchshe One Piece Swimsuit | Joymode®

Whether high cuts on the hips, low plunges at the neck, stylish decorations, awesome patterns, or fashion colors all over, one piece bathing suit is here to stay with variations of all collections, and for quite a long time.

High Waisted Bottoms

Either one piece or two-piece, high waisted bottoms are every designer’s best bet in their spring/summer collection 2019. The general retro fashionable high waisted bottom perfectly fits different figures, heights and hides a multitude of tummy issues. Instead of baring too much skin, use this retro style to flatter your body type and accentuate your best features.

Fetchshe High Waisted Bikinis | Joymode®

With an area from full coverage, to cheeky, to an 80s high thigh, bright color and prints, this swimwear trend is made for anyone and everyone. High-waisted bikini bottoms not only offer a bit more coverage, but they also lend a girl esthetic to your swim style. The level of comfort depends on personal choice.


High-cut swimsuits are meant to be a flattering look on your figures, and you need brave when you choose this level of comfort. High cut bikini bottom is for you if you want to show the maximum of leg skin. Put this on the summer days with you, and it would be a sexy appearance.

Fetchshe High Cut Bathing Suit | Joymode®

Of course, there are varying degrees of how high-cut you're willing to go, but with both one and two-piece options, there's one out there for everyone.


The runway at Miami Swim Week had a strong ruffle-game this year. Ruffles made a strong reemergence on the summer 2019 beach trends and quickly joined the ranks of anticipated summer 2019 swimwear trends.

Fetchshe Ruffled Swimsuits | Joymode®

Though it is considered a gentle look, it showed up in audacious colors as well as the popular pastels for the upcoming summer. With much anticipated forthcoming swimwear trends are flowing with cute, flirty ruffles either on the high waisted bottoms or over the shoulders towards deep V-neckline, accentuating every figure.

Cut Outs

Another trend with mainly a version of the killer bikini and one-pieces that are coming out for spring and summer 2019.

Fetchshe Cut-Out Swimwear | Joymode®

This is mainly seen with one piece swimwear, giving them more bold styles to them. The swimsuits with a cutout from back, sides, to front. The fashion show witnessed different interesting cuts, especially in one-piece. Midriff cutouts and backless one-pieces with a variety of prints and patterns popped up on the runway.

Trending Prints

Fetchshe Trending Printed Swimsuits | Joymode®

Printed swimsuits must one of swimwear the trends, for the upcoming summer 2019 swimwear options have no less than three. It's time to be a little bit bold and brave with your swimwear and prints are the ultimate way to make a statement. From stripes to animal print, pattern and printed bathing suits are a definite must for the swim season. Each one of the cut-out designs was intricate and refreshing.


Whether it's a seductive one-piece or an itsy-bitsy bikini, the lace-up details that the summer 2019 swimsuit trends all an extra dose of flirts to the lovely designs.

Fetchshe Lace-Up Swimwear | Joymode®

Lace-up bikini tops were a popular style at Fetchshe, where our favorite option was the little hater bikini top with solid color hanging down from the lace-up embellishment. Lace-up details appeared not only in small doses but also covering the entire frontal part of one-piece suits always managing to look lovely and highly covetable.

This trend is quite practical for adjusting your fit if you need more space or want to feel safer.

Animal Print

The animal print swimsuit will unleash your wild side. The animal print is one of the swimsuit trends women seem to love. From leopard prints, snakeskin prints to zebra motifs, animal patterns came in any shape or form for summer.

Fetchshe Animal Print Swimsuits | Joymode®

Along with floral patterns, animal prints are just so classic that it’s no surprise that swimwear brand designers are bringing them back and combining them in their 2019 collections. If you do not have the needed confidence to wear a head-to-toe animal swimsuit, you have the option to try a two pieces bikini.

Solid Color

It's time to bring the 2019 summer heat with a bright color tone! Throwing out your little black and white bikini and buy something in an interesting color. From electric blue to flirty pink the possibilities are endless!

Fetchshe Solid Color One Piece Swimsuit and Bikini | Joymode®

The solid fabric won’t overwhelm your upper half body part and will allow you to make a major statement for your poolside weekend.


You were flowing with floral at prom, so why not at the beach? We saw tons of options in a variety of colors/patterns, so let your heart run wild with these flirty and feminine flowers.

Floral Bathing Suit and One Piece Swimsuit | Joymode®

Floral swimsuits fit perfectly with the summer atmosphere in this season. Find a one piece or tops and bottoms with a flower design of your choice.

Halter Neck

The v-neckline this halter top provides is the absolute best to accentuate your assets and inverted triangle figures, those with a bigger bust and broader shoulders.

Fetchshe Halter Neck Bikini and Swimsuit | Joymode®

Bikini tops that star a halter style will provide enough coverage to keep what our momma gave us in place! And also, to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Halter one-pieces with plunging neck show your flattering any body type.